Producer of concentrate, supplements, feed for poultry and aquaculture


Providing concentrate for livestock that must use concentrate in addition to forage


Poultry feeds include various types that can be easily prepared through our company.


With the increasing consumption of fish, the demand for fish feed is increasing every day, and we are responding to this demand.

prospect of Daneh Sazan Simorgh Factories Group

Our goal is to produce high quality poultry, livestock and aquatic and to play a transformative role in the feed industry in our country,Iran. this will be achieved by forging strong, long-standing and mutually beneficial relation with our country’s livestock and poultry producers and by increasing standards of quality and efficiency with state-of-the-art technology developed by qualified experts.

خوراک شترمرغ خوراک دام، طیور و آبزیان
کنسانتره دامی خوراک دام، طیور و آبزیان


For broiler, layer, breeder, turkey, livestock and aquatic

مکمل ویژه دام، طیور و آبزیان خوراک دام، طیور و آبزیان

Special livestock supplement

For calf, cattle, low milk, medium milk, high and higher milk

دانه آماده برای مرغ گوشتی خوراک دام، طیور و آبزیان

Pelleted Feed

For broiler chickens, turkey, quail, ostrich

At DSS our secret recipe for success in enhancement of the quality and quantity of our products is the utilization of advanced and automatic machineries. These machineries leverage automation on the majority of their operational stages, and are less reliant on human intervention. Such machineries, for their proper operations, rely on a command and control system, which typically comprises a  programmable control system,such as a  programmable logic controller (PLC).

The programmable control system of DSS is programmes according to the machinery operational algorithm and is capable of dynamic control of the actuators in order to maintain a stedy operation of the machineries.

خوراک دام، طیور و آبزیان با کیفیت

تخلیه کن ویبره زیر سیلو/Vibro Silo Discharger

میکسر پارویی دو محوره/Two Axles Paddle Mixer

میکرو دوزینگ/Micro Dosing



Reasonable price

آیکون خوراک دام، طیور و آبزیان

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Poultry Feed Types


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َAquatic Feed Types

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