Daneh Sazan Simorgh Factories Group


Daneh Sazan Simorgh (DSS) Company was founded in two thousand thirteen experienced partners to produce exceptional poultry, livestock and aquatic feed. Established by partners with decades of experience in manufacturing mechanical equipment, our factory uses up to date technologies that exceed national standards. After three years of collaborative work by experts, our factory is now ready for use.

Our Factory is located on eleven thousand sq. meters of land and includes a production building, a series of silos with a storage capacity of five thousand tons, a final products storage building, a building for receiving raw materials, a testing laboratory, and an administrative building with a total area of four thousand five hundred sq. meters. Our factory has the capacity to produce one hundred fifty tons of poultry, livestock and aquatic feed and various concentrates per day.


Dss is proud to have used the expertise of Iranian engineers to apply technologically advanced processes and equipment to found a factory that exceeds national industry standards.  Equipped with an experienced staff, high quality machinery, and an advanced laboratory that guarantee the highest quality products, DSS is now prepared to offer its products and services.


Our goal is to produce high quality poultry, livestock and aquatic and to play a transformative role in the feed industry in our country,Iran. this will be achieved by forging strong, long-standing and mutually beneficial relation with our country’s livestock and poultry producers and by increasing standards of quality and efficiency with state-of-the-art technology developed by qualified experts.


Offering exceptional customer service:

by providing professional advice on the application pf products and after sales services

Consistency of product quality:

by ensuring continuous improvement in the company’s system, products, and services, as well as developing and upgrading the company’s infrastructures.

Honesty and accountability:

by guaranteeing our employee’s work integrity and responsiveness to the needs of our customers.

creativity and innovation:

bu ongoing research and development in collaboration with university professors and experienced specification


Seyed Mahdi Mireshqhi

CEO and Board Member

َAlireza Rakhsha

Chairman of the Board

The key to increasing the quality and quantity of our products is the use of advanced and automated machinery


Updating Our knowledge

Updating our knowledge in order to reduce waste time and accidents caused by job creation, job interest and job security in the staff


Environmental Protection

The products of the company are produced according to the latest standards and help to protect the environment



Creativity is the most important reason for our company’s development, this element is clearly visible in all products of our company



Creating a development culture in line with the activities and decisions that go from designing ideas to product entry to the market



We are always moving forward in the DSS company, because we are a trusted business partner



Emphasis on safety during the design and pre-production phases up to the actual operation of the product and the assessment of the system’s risks before the damage is sustained

Our Customers

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