A New Insight into Cold Stress In Poultry Production

Since about 1950, numerous examples of extreme climate events have been recorded. These include not only the increase in temperature which has caused frequent and intense heat waves, melting ice caps, and high sea level, but also an extreme low winter temperature along with higher precipitation in different regions in the world. Further changes in the climate system are predicted to increase over the course of the 21st century.1 Since growing animals are vulnerable to extreme temperature, climate changes become an important critical constraint to several species in the world.1,2 In poultry production, while heat stress has been a rising concern for producers and scientists, cold stress has also caused economic loss worldwide. In China, winter conditions and low temperature caused almost 20 million poultry deaths and an economic loss of 100 million (Chinese currency) in 2008.3 Early research in poultry exposed to acute cold stress has shown a clear suppression in development, survival and egg production .

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